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Bodacious was the name one of the world’s toughest bulls. So tough, in fact, that only 6 cowboys hold a record of being able to ride him no longer than 8 seconds. But make no mistake…a lot can happen in 8 seconds.

It’s just the right slice of time to make a judgement call. It’s the amount of time a sip of wine can sit on your tongue and make you say, “hmmm.” Hell, if you’re quick enough, it’s the time that takes to pop a cork on a bottle to kick off a night you’ll never forget. Are you holding your breath? Us too. The anticipation of these great moments is why we show up, time and again.

Inspired by our passion for Western culture, Bodacious is a wine that sticks to our roots and delivers more than you asked for. It’s a wine you grab to celebrate a Big Win. But don’t get it twisted, we don’t let our wins go to our head. We remember where we come from and it’s those values that kept us grounded in what’s important: creating a wine made to be approachable and delicious…the way wine should be. But hey, another notch in the belt never hurt nobody.


Bodacious Barrels

Bodacious Vineyards

Bodacious Press


Gather ‘round and we’ll tell you a story about a French winemaker who falls in love with a Napa Valley Vintner...

Nat and Anne Komes built a winery that’s reminiscent of long days on a horse and the nostalgic freedom of the Wild West. It’s the kind of wine that everybody can enjoy no matter what they know about it; that means cowboys and city slickers alike. Bodacious is our story about taking Nature year after year to cultivate a winning wine, no matter the challengers that face us in our home arena. So pull up a glass and sit a spell. We bet you have some stories to tell us too.


Anne Komes

Komes Family

Nat & Anne Komes




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